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How to Turn Leftovers into Smiles

Undisputed fact: grilled cheese warms the heart

What do you get when you combine a large amount of leftover food with a creative and enthusiastic staff? Homemade grilled cheese sandwiches and a good deed, of course.

A few weeks back, 40+ investors, 18 Jackpocket employees, and 2 interns gathered for “Investors Night,” the first event hosted at the new HQ. The night was a booming success, as people enjoyed good food and drink while learning about the growth and future of the company.

However, the following morning, we returned to the office to a surprisingly large amount of leftovers. The haul included: pesto, slices of cheese, a good amount of hot sauce, and buns… lots and lots of buns. So with all these miscellaneous ingredients, what do you do?


Here’s a look at what Meher was working with (not pictured: many buns)

The choice was simple for Meher, one of our designers, who loves to cook and dreams of one day owning her own restaurant: rather than let it go to waste she would make grilled cheese sandwiches and hand them out to the hardworking people of WIlliamsburg.

The next step? Finding people in the Williamsburg area to give them to! So, Meher, Zack (Marketing Director), and Jonah (Marketing Intern) took to the sandwiches (and waters since it was such a hot day) to the streets… here’s what they found:



More Smiles


Even MORE Smiles (and a sniff)


And finally… smiles.


So there you have it, a little creativity and cooking can turn one man’s trash into a nice lunch for some deserving people. Go Williamsburg!

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