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$10,000 Mega Millions winner in NJ


New Jersey
Mega Millions

October 21, 2022

$1,500 LOTTO winner on Jackpocket
Jibao T.


Little Rock, AR

October 19, 2022

Idaho Pick 3 Winner
Ashley L.


Eagle, Idaho
Pick 3 Night

"I’m so happy that I learned about Jackpocket! I saw an article about playing Jackpocket from the convenience of your phone. Later that week, I kept seeing 5's everywhere I looked. I said to myself, I’m gonna play using Jackpocket. I played 5's for the Pick 3 and WON! I couldn’t believe how everything played out so perfectly. Now I play Jackpocket everyday!"

October 13, 2022

Take 5 winner
Ernest H.


Utica, NY
Take 5

"Exhilarating! I played at home in my comfortable easy chair. I love the ease of ordering tickets in the Jackpocket app. I’ll put it towards our daughter's wedding."

October 12, 2022

$2,000 Mega Millions winner
Winfred P.


Cherokee Village, AR
Mega Millions

September 30, 2022

Karim won $1,000 on Numbers Day
Karim C.


Rochester, NY
Daily 4 Day

"I was in the comfort of my home. I prayed to god to show me a sign, so throughout the day I kept seeing 1-7-3 repeatedly on license plates, my cash back from store purchases, even on TV movies so i took it as a sign from the big man and played. 3 When I found out I won it wasn’t a big surprise to me. I believed that this was a sign just for me and it wasn’t just by coincidence. The winnings came right at bill time for me."

September 30, 2022

$50K Pick 5 Midday Winner
Eli S.


Brooklyn, OH
Pick 5 Midday

"My numbers were my old address. It came to me in a dream where I used those numbers and they hit."

September 26, 2022

LOTTO $1,500 winner
Terry G.


Little Rock, AR

"I was home after a brunch date when I ordered the ticket. I love this new game. Means a lot to me that it is an Arkansas game...I will win again! My strategy honestly was to just go with the first numbers that popped up in my head. I set a timer and said, 'Okay, within the next 2 minutes whatever numbers that come through I'm playing them.' The next morning when I opened the app I saw the notification of simply "Big Winner" and the amount...I started getting hyped up. Then, I noticed the email with all the confetti flying around with the amount! Cliche as it sounds it honestly felt like being a kid on Christmas morning."

September 24, 2022

Powerball $1M winners NJ


New Jersey

"We went to check the app and it said ‘Big Winner.’ We clicked into the ticket order and my wife was going crazy turning the lights on. I'm like, ‘Let me see that.’ I saw the word ‘million’ and then that was it!"

September 24, 2022

Numbers Eve winner
Prasanthkumar P.


New York, NY
Numbers Eve

"I was on the train to work when I ordered the ticket. Jackpocket is very convenient, we can even order tickets during work. I was expecting that number to be the winning number that day. I was excited when I got notification email from Jackpocket. I spent some money for paying my bills and some money towards buying more tickets in coming days."

September 21, 2022

Shanique won $1,600 on Win 4 Eve
Shanique B.


Rochester, NY
Win 4 Eve

"I was coming home from work and had few dollars on my card. I reminded myself, 'Oh snap, I need to play my badge number' as I been playing 3 years straight. Then late like at 11 pm, I saw on my email that I’m a Big WINNER🎉 Immediately, my mouth dropped wide open with a big grin on my face: 'Yippee I won.' I was able to catch up with some bills and kept some change. I definitely will continue to play my regular number and soon I’ll win even bigger.

September 9, 2022

Benita Won $580 on Numbers Eve
Benita W.


Brooklyn, NY
Numbers Eve

"I had a great experience with Jackpocket, my biggest win was $580. I played right from the comfort of my bed. The [payout] was deposited into my bank account in 2-3 business days. The best thing I enjoyed was not having to leave my home to play the lottery. Thank you Jackpocket!!! I was excited when I found out I won, I was a bit on a losing streak. I shared my winnings with my husband and bought some things for the house."

September 7, 2022

Daily 4 Day winner
Andrea M.


Lockhart, TX
Daily 4 Day

"Had a lucky feeling! I paid a few bills and bought gifts for family."

September 5, 2022

Ariavon won $1,350 on Daily 4 in Texas
Ariavon M.


Baytown, TX
Daily 4 Morning

"I was in my car taking a nap during my lunch break. I had a dream about some numbers and decided to play them. I was super excited with I found out I won. I spent the prize on bills!"

September 3, 2022

$2 million Mega Millions
Giaminh D.


Queens, NY
Mega Millions

"When I think about winning, I’m usually thinking of $100 or $1,000 and not that kind of money!”

September 2, 2022

Angelica won $800 on Pick 4 in Ohio
Angelica R.


Cleveland, OH
Pick 4 Evening

"I was home with my kids urging them to start making their Christmas lists for me since I like to start early. My grandma always told me when I play the lottery to use important dates and stick to them, and she couldn’t have been more right. I check my emails frequently and saw 'Big Winner.' I was thinking, 'Oh cool, maybe like $40.' I couldn’t believe it when it said $800. I plan on keeping it aside all for Christmas so I don’t even have to think about it. It’s been so convenient having this app so thank you Jackpocket!"

September 2, 2022



Poughkeepsie, NY

“I woke up in the middle of the night to a text message and email that both said ‘Congratulations BIG WINNER!!!’—I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. I went running down the stairs to wake my husband. He looked at it and said ‘don’t open links, it's a scam.’ I said ‘No, it’s for real. I played last night and OMG I won $50,000!

I have so many people I want to help and just about every SPCA I can think of!"

August 31, 2022

Daily 4 Morning winner
Kimberly Y.


North Richland Hills, TX
Daily 4 Morning

"I found out at work. I use Jackpocket when I don't have time to stop or when my tickets don't cover the next drawing. I was so amazed and thankful for the convenience of Jackpocket. I'll use the winnings for a vacation, a quick getaway."

August 30, 2022

Daily 4 Night winner
Victoria W.


Harker Heights, Texas
Daily 4 Night

"The day I ordered my ticket I was on Ancestry working on my family tree when it came up that, that very day August 30th, was also my grandparents wedding anniversary which was August 30th, 1924. My grandparents would have been celebrating their 98th wedding anniversary. My grandparents were always dear to my heart, so I decided I would play the year they were married using the Texas Lottery Pick 4.... Later that night I received a email saying “Congrats Big Win”...When I looked and it said $5000 I yelled to the top of my voice, 'Oh my God thank you grandma and grandpa and of course God.' Over and over again. I have never in my life won anything like that.

August 30, 2022

All or Nothing winner


Addison, TX
All or Nothing Day

August 26, 2022