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$50K Powerball winner in NY


Queens, NY

"It was a 11pm when I found out I won so I called the only friend I knew would still be awake. I was so so loud she should have been able to hear me screaming even without calling."

January 16, 2023

Janeen won $20K on Mega Millions in NY
Janeen D.


Staten Island, NY
Mega Millions

January 13, 2023



Red Hook, NY
Mega Millions

January 13, 2023

$600 Mega Millions win in NJ


New Jersey
Mega Millions

January 10, 2023



Ballston, NY
Mega Millions

January 10, 2023

Daily 4 winner in TX
Raymond H.


Houston, TX
Pick 4

"I was at my desk at work- picking my numbers before starting the day sinceI usually play my favorite numbers at the beginning of the week. I saw the email from Jackpocket first, saying I had won on my Pick 4. I got super excited when I learned that I hit the Pick 4 with a little help from the 'Fireball.' I used my winnings to purchase a cool road bike that I had my eye on."

January 9, 2023



New Jersey

January 9, 2023

Fantasy 5 winner in Arizona
Mark A.


Phoenix, AZ
Fantasy 5

"I was on my iPhone and things started popping up [on Facebook] about Jackpocket. My wife says, ‘We’ve never done anything like this before. We should try it.’ And so, I did. It’s the first time I’ve ever entered the lottery."

January 8, 2023

$500 Fantasy 5 Winner
Emily S.


Phoenix, AZ
Fantasy 5

"How cool to get a new user bonus credit and then hit $500! And I picked my own numbers…did favorite number and birth dates. I was inspired to play because I had never seen an app that you could play lottery draw games. The only reason I chose the Fantasy 5 is because I received $2 in free credits and wanted to buy two tickets which Fantasy 5 each play is $1. I used some of the winnings to pay a bill and the rest went toward some savings and some fun! I also keep playing and hoping I can catch that luck again!"

January 8, 2023

$2,000 Numbers Winner
Diane N.


West Islip, NY
Numbers Eve

"I was at home when I ordered my ticket and I saw the app and figured I’d pick a number. I kept seeing the number on receipts, the clock, at work so I played it. When I saw that I had won and the credits in my account, I was so surprised and happy! I will take my family to dinner and save some for a rainy day!"

January 7, 2023

$500 AR LOTTO  winner
Tammy H.


Booneville, AR

"My winning ticket was [ordered] via Jackpocket as a Quick Pick for $2.00 on the January 4, 2023 drawing as I did every week. I was shocked to find out later on I had won on 4 of the 6 numbers!! I used my winnings to take all my kids out to celebrate my husband's 55th birthday with a Seafood Feast for all of us!! I love Jackpocket!!"

January 4, 2023

$500 Powerball Winner in Grand Forks, MN
Lee H.


Grand Forks, MN
Mega Millions

"I was at home when I ordered the ticket. I normally play Powerball every week, but decided to play Mega Millions because the grand prize was over a billion dollars. I was very surprised to win $500 on a Mega Millions ticket. I would just like to say that I enjoy the Jackpocket app and the ease with which it allows me to play different lotteries."

January 2, 2023

Win 4 winner
Katie V.


Greene, NY
Win 4 Eve

"My husband, Justin is an avid Jackpocket player. I joined Jackpocket last summer, used it a few times but nothing crazy. I played 4 nights at the end of 2022, feeling blue about the time of the year, and playing a number that really means something to me. It was my aunt’s birthday who had passed away one year ago in January- I’ve always been close to her and it’s been a sad year without her here. I was laying on the couch when I read the results and couldn’t believe my eyes. $10,400! What?! It couldn’t have come at a better time. I used the money for a decent down payment on something reliable for our family and saved some for our family vacation this summer! As you can imagine, I’m now a regular player, just like my husband! 😆"

December 31, 2022

$1,500 Mega Millions winner in Montana
Patricia L.


Great Falls, MT
Mega Millions

"I am a regular player on Jackpocket. I woke up to a message saying that I am a big winner. OMG, I was so excited. That is the biggest prize that I have won on Jackpocket!"

December 30, 2022

$25,000 Pick 4 winner in NJ
Brian B.


New Jersey
Pick 4 Midday

December 29, 2022

Leslie won $937 on Take 5 Eve
Leslie K.


Massapequa, NY
Take 5 Eve

"I am a travel nurse and was getting ready to go to California for a travel assignment so I knew I wouldn't have the opportunity to play once I left NY. So I played with Quick Pick and the next day I was checking my emails while my family and I were driving to my son's police academy graduation and I saw I was a big winner. I was so excited because I have never won anything over $40. I'm glad I played that day because the extra money will come in handy."

December 29, 2022

Jennifer won $500 on Cash 3 in Arkansas
Jennifer S.


Little Rock, AR
Cash 3 Everning

"I had never played the lottery before I found the Jackpocket app. I was sitting at home scrolling through the Galaxy store and came across the app. I was skeptical at first because there’s so many fake apps out there but after some research decided to go ahead and play. I didn’t tell my husband I had ordered tickets until after the drawing. I checked my email and saw that I had won. He didn’t believe it but I knew it wasn’t a scam so played again and the very next day I had another email saying I won again but for even more this time! I was so excited I paid off some bills and bought a new iPhone. Thanks, Jackpocket!"

December 28, 2022

Edwin O.


The Bronx, NY
New York Lotto

"I was at my girlfriend's mother's house for Christmas Eve. We were just about to sit and eat and I went to check my email and saw that I won a big winner prize. I missed one number for the jackpot but a win is a win and it was one great Christmas gift."

December 24, 2022

$500 Mega Millions winner in NY
Alessandro A.


Bay Shore, NY
Mega Millions

"I played at home via the Jackpocket app. It was exciting to win, but also a little disappointing [to be so close]. To think the difference between [matching] 4 numbers and 5 numbers is the difference between $500 and $1 million!"

December 20, 2022

Numbers Day winner
Roki L.


Flushing, NY
Numbers Day

December 11, 2022