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$5.75M Lucky for Life winner on Jackpocket


Little Rock, AR
Lucky for Life

“I went to bed last night, something was telling me I was going to win. I thought maybe $100, maybe $1,000. Then today - this can’t be real! Oh my goodness, I’m in shock.”

September 12, 2023


$1,000 a week for life

New Jersey

September 5, 2023

$143,000 Fantasy 5 winner in Arizona
Richard and Keila W.


Kingman, AZ
Fantasy 5

"I couldn't believe it."

August 19, 2023

Mega Millions winner in Arizona Jackpocket
Jared G.


Gilbert, AZ
Mega Millions

August 8, 2023

$20,000 Win4 Winner in NY


Woodstock, NY
Win 4 Day

August 6, 2023

Mega Millions $10,000 winner
Jennifer M.


Copiague, NY
Mega Millions

"When I played Mega Millions on Friday night I was laying in bed watching Netflix like I normally would unbeknownst to me … Sn Saturday morning I saw in my email “congratulations you’re a big winner “ I immediately looked on Jackpocket and it was confirmed that I won $10,000. I play Powerball and Mega Millions frequently but never won this much. Maybe $4 here and there but $10,000… I was so excited and in disbelief until my ticket came to my house 2 business days later. It was like I was holding gold. It definitely helped my family live through the duration of the summer. Because as a teacher’s aide I’m out of work for the summer and cannot collect unemployment. I felt so blessed!"

July 28, 2023

$50,000 Powerball win using Jackpocket in NY
Linh C.


East Islip, New York

"I got an email from you guys. So I called my family to say, 'Can you check the numbers for me?' and they told me, 'Yeah, you won!'"

July 19, 2023

$50,000 NJ Powerball win using Jackpocket
William M.


New Jersey

July 19, 2023

Lotto Texas winner in Houston
Howard R.


Houston, TX
Lotto Texas

"I play Smart Order. I woke up at 6:30 AM, checked my email, it said Big Winner. I paid a car off and all my credit cards with plenty left over."

July 19, 2023

Rolling Cash 5 winner
Roynyelle R.


Lorian, OH
Rolling Cash 5

"Jackpocket experience has been a pretty good experience for me. It’s convenient and I received my tickets in a timely manner."

July 18, 2023

Win 4 winner
Monica F.


Brooklyn, NY
Win 4 Eve

"When I saw the Win 4 results, I was surprised and thrilled all at the same time. I haven't done anything with my winnings yet but plan to put it in the bank and let it grow a little so that I can share it or invest."

July 17, 2023

Win 4 winner on Jackpocket
Anthony S.


Rochester, NY
Win 4 Eve

"I was shopping for my daughter and thought she is always in my pocket so I should play her birth year. I was so happy to find out I won!!! I will be spending the money on my daughter's dentist bill as she has to get her wisdom teeth taken out."

July 13, 2023

$100,000 Texas Powerball winner on Jackpocket


Katy, Texas

July 10, 2023

Nebraskan wins Lucky for Life using Jackpocket app

$25,000 a year for life

Fremont, Nebraska
Lucky for Life

"It’s pretty exciting, pretty surreal. My wife's from Texas. So when I started playing it was, it was in Texas. Now that it's an option to play in Nebraska, I started playing it again."

July 7, 2023

Win 4 Eve winner on Jackpocket
Bernie L.


The Bronx, NY
Win 4 Eve

"I randomly saw my winning number earlier in the day for some reason it stood out; played it and forgot about it then Boom🎊🎊 Thanks to the convenience of my Jackpocket app I was able to play and Won Big!"

July 6, 2023

$1 million Powerball winner in Dayton, Ohio


Dayton, OH

"I was scrolling through emails just doing a bit of work, and then I saw a pop-up to check the app. I saw '$1 million' in the message and had to read it a few times." Read more

July 5, 2023

$200K Powerball winner
Zan S.


Columbus, OH

"I was shocked! We decided we're gonna go to Greece. I’ve never been and it’s always been one of those places for me.”

June 26, 2023



New Jersey
Jersey Cash 5

June 14, 2023

Pick 4 winner


New Jersey
Pick 4 Evening

May 31, 2023

OH Powerball $50,000 winner


Massilon, OH

May 17, 2023