The 5 BIGGEST Colorado Jackpocket Wins

The 5 BIGGEST Colorado Lottery Wins on Jackpocket

These Coloradans scored HUMONGOUS prizes in the palm of their hand with Jackpocket.

Have Colorado lottery players ever won the big bucks on Jackpocket? You bet. Over $14 MILLION in prizes won by Coloradans to date! 

Meet the biggest lottery winners in Colorado who ordered their winning tickets on the Jackpocket app.

CO Lottery Winner Leaderboard

Prize Game Location Year
$1,362,575 CO Lotto+ Fort Collins, CO 2022
$1,000,016 Powerball Denver, CO 2022
$1,000,000 Powerball Erie, CO 2022
$500,000 Lucky For Life Pueblo, CO 2021
$150,000 Powerball Aurora, CO 2021

1. $150,000 - Powerball (Aurora, CO)

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Michelle was resting in bed when she received the "Congrats, you won BIG!" alert from Jackpocket—she couldn't believe it! She says she's planning to save her winnings for retirement.

2. $500,000 - Lucky for Life (Pueblo, CO)

Helen matched 5 out of 5 regular numbers (just missing the gold Lucky Ball) in the Lucky for Life drawing on Thursday, May 17, 2021. 

Her plans? “Pay off debt. Re-do my house. Help my sisters out. Keep some for the future.” 

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3. $1,000,000 - Colorado Lotto+ (Erie, CO)

Michelle tapped a goldmine with Powerball on Jackpocket. She'll be refered to as 'Michelle The Millioniare' from now on. 

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4. $1,000,016 - Powerball (Denver, CO)

Ted learned about Jackpocket when he moved to Colorado and his brother mentioned the app. When Jackpocket sent him an automatic winner notification, Ted didn't realize just how much he had won.


His first words after opening the app and finding out he won $1 million? "No way!"

5. $1,362,575 - Powerball (Fort Collins, CO)

Lisa is Jackpocket’s 16th millionaire (out of 27 total, now!) and the Colorado Lotto+ top-prize winner from the drawing on July 13th, 2022.


"When I read my BIG WINNER email, I thought it was a sign," she told us. "We’d been looking at getting married and buying a house but we’ve been waiting to be financially stable enough to do so. I have 3 kids who just started driving! So, now we’re going to get married!”

Congratulations, Winners!

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