Arkansas Wins $25,000 a Year for Life on Lottery

"My First Lottery Ticket Won $25,000 a Year for Life"

This winner story out of Arkansas is GOOD.

Edrick T. of Austin, Arkansas doesn’t consider himself a lucky person. What he has, he’s worked hard for. “I never win anything! I’m always the one who has to go out and get it.”

The father of 2 heard about Jackpocket from a buddy in Las Vegas who plays using the app whenever he’s visiting Arkansas. “I only play the lottery a few times a year, but I jumped in to give Jackpocket a try.” 

Edrick ordered his first ticket—a Lucky for Life Quick Pick— on his lunch break from work. “I thought, let’s prove some friends right or wrong.”

And in a stroke of, well, luck, that very first ticket was a winner. A big winner. To the tune of $25,000 a year for life. Edrick had matched 5 out of 5 regular numbers to snag Lucky for Life’s second-tier prize. 

Is Lucky for Life a favorite lottery game for Edrick? “Oh, this is just my first time playing it. I liked the name of it. I saw it and thought, 'Yeah, I’d like to be Lucky for Life.’”

To sum up: first Jackpocket play. First time trying Lucky for Life. And a QUICK PICK ticket. Edrick, you may have to change your outlook on luck! 

“It’s awesome. My kids are going to really benefit from this.” Edrick chose the prize’s cash option of $390,000 which he plans to save and invest for his children.

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