Ways to pick your lottery numbers
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27 Ways to Pick Your Lottery Numbers

What do YOU do when numbers-block hits?

Numbers-block. It happens to the best of us.

So, if you’ve exhausted your anniversary, your dog’s birthday, and Jordan’s jersey number, try some of these (lighthearted) options for your lucky lottery numbers.

  1. The zip code of your childhood crush

  2. Digits from all the horrible spam calls you get

  3. Fortune cookie numbers (they worked for our player Yadira!)

  4. Your ATM pin number

  5. Shoe sizes

  6. Winning lottery numbers from TV shows and movies (04–08–15–16–23–42, anyone?)

  7. Highway numbers and mile markers from your favorite vacation. It worked for this Jackpocket winner.

  8. Lucky numbers according to your astrological sign.

  9. License plate numbers

  10. We’d be remiss if we didn’t at least mention Quick Pick. It’s fast, easy, and will have you on your way.

  11. Naturally occurring numbers in nature (Leaves of three?)

  12. Scan your playlist for songs with numbers in the titles.

  13. Retired jersey numbers from your favorite team (or the team you love to hate)

  14. Flight numbers

  15. Pay attention to any numbers in your dreams.

  16. The most common Powerball draw is 6 and the most common Mega Ball draw is 22. But 13 is a Jackpocket player favorite. Do with that info what you will.

  17. Your Social Security Number (just make sure you keep that little fact to yourself.)

  18. Crowdsource digits from your friends and colleagues.

  19. Numbers from the last bill you paid

  20. Ages of family members

  21. The current time of day + the current date

  22. The chronological number of when your favorite President served + the date they were elected

  23. The numbers that make up the population of the last country or city you visited

  24. Dates of the best concerts you’ve ever attended

  25. Your debit/credit card number (again, keep it secret!)

  26. The age of your favorite sports team + the year they last won it all + the amount of players on the team

  27. Distinctive numbers according to math and science. Turns out most numbers have something special about them.

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