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24 Inspiring Women Who Are Straight Up Winning at Life

Discover our favorite heartwarming entries in Jackpocket's #ShesAWinner Twitter contest.

Who's a winner? She is! 

We asked Jackpocketeers to share stories about the inspiring women in their lives for our #ShesAWinner Win and Give contest. Not only do these women get to bask in the recognition they so richly deserve, but we picked 3 nominees to win Jackpocket lotto credits. Even better? We matched each winner's prize as a donation to Girls Who Code, a nonprofit organization that supports women in tech.  

Let's get this party started with the three winning entries! 

1. The cousin who was the first in her family to go to college:

๐Ÿฅ‡ Kimmy won $500 in Jackpocket lotto credits!

2. The mom who styles hair for senior citizens:

 ๐Ÿฅˆ Katherine won $250 in Jackpocket lotto credits!

3. This amazing high-schooler and future STEM professional: 

๐Ÿฅ‰ Noemi won $100 in Jackpocket lotto credits!

4. This strong mom with dementia who still makes beautiful art:

5.  This awesome mom cookin' up creativity and kindness in the kitchen:

6. This inspiring 93-year-old grandma and role model:

7. This super supportive Mama:

8. This dynamic mother-sister duo:

9. Simply "one heck of a lady" (we couldn't agree more!):

10. This determined grandma who never let anything stop her:

11. An all-around phenomenal cousin and big sister:

12. This soulmate and true partner:

13. This hardworking elementary school teacher, fostering our next generation of thinkers and doers:

14. This inspiring mom who is ALWAYS there:

15. This mom with too many inspiring qualities to list!

16. This amazing single mom raising 3 strong women:

17. This BFF and cancer survivor:

18. This little one with a BIG imagination:

19. Cheers to this unstoppable wife and mother:

20. The co-worker turned friend who is the greatest motivator:

21. The independent daughter who is a ROCK for her mom:

22. The incredible aunt proving that one person can make a difference:

23. This simply amazing mom:

24. Last but not least, Honorable Mention goes to this nom for Queen Bey:

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