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Sean Hayes Partners with Jackpocket to Support Broadway Cares

Playing the lottery for a good cause? It's a win-win.

Jackpocket is teaming up with actor Sean Hayes to help one of his favorite New York charities! Meet Broadway Cares.

Now through March 31, Jackpocket is donating 10% of our proceeds in New York to this terrific NYC-based organization, which helps stage crews, concession workers, ushers, and more in the performing arts community. You can read our press release here!

Sean Hayes explains how you can give back to Broadway Cares on Jackpocket

Our $100,000 minimum donation will provide meals, medication, and health care to those struggling. 

Broadway Cares is the light along a pathway that has felt like an endless night for so many who make their living as performing artists. They have given us all hope and the means not to give up. Assistance with rent and more when I felt nearly lost and forgotten. Broadway Cares was truly my light in the dark, reminding me that the comeback is always stronger than the setback and for that I am forever grateful!

But $100K is just the beginning...

The more you play, the bigger our donation. And there's just a month left to go. Will you join us?

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