NJ Pick-3 and Pick-4 game changes
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Game Changes: Everything You Need to Know About NJ's New Pick-3 & Pick-4

Guaranteed. Prize. Amounts.

Some changes have come to the lottery games Pick-3 and Pick-4 in New Jersey. We’re here to fill you in on what’s new! 

What’s changed about NJ Pick-3 and Pick-4?

Here’s what changed as of November 14th.

1. Guaranteed Prize Amounts

Now there is a fixed and constant prize amount for every Pick-3 and Pick-4 wager type. So a winning Pick-3 $1 straight winning ticket will always win $500. No matter what. Keep scrolling for the updated prize charts!

On average, more winning tickets will win bigger prizes.

2. No more splitting the prize

Players will never have to split the prize if there are multiple winners. 

3. Number combinations may sell out

It’s now possible for a particular combination of numbers to sell out if there are too many wagers on that combination. In lottery speak this is called a “liability limit.”

*On Jackpocket, we let you know ahead of placing the order (whenever possible) and issue you a full refund if the lottery informs us that your number combination is sold out after your order is placed.

And here's what hasn't changed...

The cost to play, drawing times, and ability to FIREBALL all remain the same! 

Pick-3 Prizes

Pick-3 Prizes
Match Prize Amount ($1 wager)
Straight $500
3-Way Box $160
6-Way Box $80

Pick-4 Prizes

Pick-4 Prizes
Match Prize Amount ($1 wager)
Straight $5,000
4-Way Box $1,200
6-Way Box $800
12-Way Box $400
24-Way Box $200

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