Mega Millions $3M winner

We Had a $3,000,000 Mega Millions Winner Last Weekend!

3X is the charm.

Breaking news! Jackpocket's 18th lottery millionaire just won a $3,000,000 Mega Millions prize in New York!

Their Quick Pick ticket matched 5 of 5 white numbers drawn in the July 22 Mega Millions drawing only missing the gold Mega Ball. And the 3X multiplier ended up making their mega win even more mega! 

But the winning doesn't end there...

2 millionaire winners, 1 weekend

New York was doubly lucky this past weekend. Another Jackpocket player won a $1 million NY Cash4Life prize.

The back-to-back millionaires became the 5th and 6th New York lottery players to win prizes worth a million dollars or more using the app. 🎉

With Mega Millions soaring past $1 BILLION, we think there's plenty more luck to go around. Take your chance!

Learn all about multipliers here. Congrats, winners! 

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