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Jackpocket Safety and Security

Our unique app features are building a better lottery experience.

How safe is Jackpocket? The Jackpocket lottery app is creating a more convenient, fun, and responsible way to play the lottery by providing you with a secure platform to order your tickets. Jackpocket eliminates the risk of misplacing your lottery ticket or forgetting to check results—a problem costing lottery players $2 billion a year in unclaimed prizes.

Here’s a look at Jackpocket’s safety and security features.

Introducing Jackpocket Ticket Lock

The Jackpocket “Ticket Lock” is a unique app feature that ties a player’s physical ticket to their personal identity — establishing them as the sole and rightful owner. Here’s how Ticket Lock works:

Players can see the scan of their actual paper ticket in the Jackpocket app.
  • Jackpocket purchases a ticket on a player’s behalf, and the ticket is scanned into the Jackpocket system.
  • Players then receive an email with their ticket information, including: owner’s name, date of birth, ticket serial number, and the lottery numbers selected.
  • Once the ticket is processed, players can see the scan of their actual paper ticket in the Jackpocket app.
  • The barcode on the ticket image is watermarked with the player’s name while the serial number remains visible.
  • The paper tickets are locked in a fireproof safe and can only be claimed with a government-issued ID and signature.

Player Identity and Data Protection

When it comes to the protection of players’ identities, technology allows Jackpocket to take things one step further:

  • Jackpocket exercises SSL Encryption and PCI Compliance to ensure secure transmission of all user data.
  • Jackpocket does not store personal financial information.
  • Identity thieves are thwarted by the requirement of a government photo ID in claiming prizes.
  • As part of the Real ID Initiative, Jackpocket offers players the option to scan their ID to make the upfront verification process even more secure.
  • Jackpocket validates the geo-coordinates of a player’s device for every order ensuring it is within state boundaries.

Promoting Responsible Gaming

Being responsible while making the lottery better is a core part of Jackpocket’s mission.

We are members of the National Council on Problem Gambling (NCPG). We’re also certified through NCPG’s International Responsible Gambling Compliance Assessment Program (iCAP), the highest standard for online responsible gaming in the United States.

Jackpocket is certified by the NCPG for responsible gaming

To this end, there are many tools and resources in the app to ensure players are having fun while being safe:

  • Player limits: We enforce daily spending and funding limits for all players, who can set their own (lower) limits at any time.
  • Self-exclusion: Our self-exclusion feature lets players ban themselves from using the app for specific periods of time. During this period, they’re not able to buy more credits or place orders, and any Autoplays are deactivated.
  • Player protections: Jackpocket flags changes in a player’s behavior that could be signs of an abusive play pattern.
  • Support: We provide one-tap access to the National Council on Problem Gambling hotline for those who need extra help.

No More Lost Millionaires

For the first time in lottery history, player identities are tied to their physical ticket ensuring that only the rightful owner can claim their prize money. The digital process guarantees that players will never lose their ticket, eliminating the risk of missing out on big winnings. No more lost or stolen tickets. No more lost millionaires.

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