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Jackpocket Pools: Here's What's New!

Rep your state in Jackpocket lottery pools.

Jackpocket Pools might look a little different since you last visited! All lottery pools at Jackpocket are now grouped by state, which means you’ll be participating with other Jackpocketeers in the same state as you. Check to see if Jackpocket Pools is supported in your state here.

Public Pools

Public Pools for Mega Millions and Powerball are now open to all other Jackpocket users in your state. That means Public Pools will be smaller. If there’s a winning ticket everyone in the pool gets an equal slice of the prize. Smaller pools = bigger slices!  Learn how to join a Public Pool drawing here.

Private Pools

Private Pool groups are invitation-only and are now state specific. To join and place ticket orders with a Private Pool, you’ll need to be located in the same state as the original creator of the group. Learn how to start your own Private Pool here.

What state is my Private Pool group in?

A Private Pool group is located in the state of the person who originally created the group. So, if the group creator is located in Texas, then only people located in Texas will be able to join and participate with the group. (If you’re the creator, you’re good to go!)

You can check the location of any Private Pool groups you currently belong to in the app. If you’re located in a different state from the group’s creator, you’ll get an error message if you try to make an order with that group.

As Jackpocket grows, we hope to bring our Public and Private Pools feature to more states, and they need to be location-based in order for us to offer them.

Got a local friend who would love to join your lottery pool? Here’s how to invite them. Happy Pooling!

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