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How to Play Texas Two Step

The lottery game with the most grand prize winners in Texas

A journey of $200,000 begins with a single step. Make that Two Steps. Meet the lottery game with the most jackpot winners in Texas each year.

In a Nutshell…

Texas Two Step is a lottery draw game that’s available in the great state of Texas.

Cost: $1.00

Jackpot: Rolling jackpots start at $200,000

Drawings: Monday and Thursday at 10:12 pm CT

Overall odds of winning a prize: 1 in 32.4

Biggest Two Step jackpot in history: $2.9 million (April 2006)

How to Play Texas Two Step

Choose 4 numbers from 1–35 and 1 Bonus Ball number number from 1–25. You can Quick Pick or choose your own lucky numbers.

Match all 4 numbers plus the Bonus Ball to take home the jackpot.

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Texas Two Step Prizes

There are 7 ways to win a Texas Two Step prize. You can win $5 for just matching the Bonus Ball!

Plus, all prizes are single payouts. Even the jackpot. So you’ll never have to make the nerve-racking decision “cash or annuity option?”

Texas Two Step Odds
Match Win Odds
4 + Bonus Ball Jackpot 1 in 1,832,600
4 $1,501* 1 in 53,900
3 + Bonus Ball $50* 1 in 53,900
3 $20* 1 in 435
2 + Bonus Ball $20* 1 in 657
1 + Bonus Ball $7 1 in 102
Bonus Ball $5 1 in 58

*Estimated prize amount. Actual prize amount will vary depending on the total sale for each drawing and the number of winners.

Are You A Winner?

Winning numbers for Texas Two Step are drawn every Monday and Thursday night at approximately 10:12 pm CT.

If you bought your Texas Two Step ticket in person, prizes up to $599 are redeemable from any Texas State lottery retailer.

Prizes up to $2,500,000 can be claimed at the closest claim center near you or you can fill out a claim online and have your prize mailed to you. Claim your tickets for prizes over $2,500,000 directly from the Texas State Lottery Commission headquarters in Austin.

If you’re a Jackpocket player…

Jackpocket players get automatically notified by email when they win and you check if you’re a winner anytime in the app. No prize left behind!

For prizes up to $599 (the threshold amount in Texas), Jackpocket credits your account for the full amount. If you win $600 or more, we arrange to have the ticket securely delivered to you so that you can claim your prize from the state lottery.

Now you’re ready to play Texas Two Step! Good luck and happy picking!

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