Pick 3 with Fireball and Daily 4 with Fireball are on Jackpocket
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We Heard You. Fireball Is Here!🔥

Texas, can you handle this hot new feature?

By very popular demand, Fireball is now available on Jackpocket in Texas! Add Fireball to your Pick 3 or Daily 4 ticket for more ways to win.

Our Texas players have already won more than $25 million in lottery prizes on Jackpocket, so we're excited to bring you more ways to play the daily games you love. 

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What is Fireball?

Fireball is an add-on feature for the Texas daily games Pick 3 and Daily 4. The Fireball number is drawn after every Pick 3 and Daily 4 drawing, and can be used to replace any winning number. You'll get MORE chances to create winning number combinations—with special prizes! 

How Fireball Works

  1. Choose your Pick 3 or Daily 4 numbers, your wager amount, and wager type. Just like always. 
  2. Add Fireball to your ticket. Adding Fireball doubles the cost of your play. So if you wager $1, your ticket with Fireball will cost $2.
  3. After each Pick 3 and Daily 4 drawing, the Texas Lottery will draw one Pick 3 Fireball number and one Daily 4 Fireball number from 0 to 9.
  4. Replace any of the winning Pick 3 or Daily 4 numbers drawn with the Fireball number to create Fireball prize winning combinations.
  5. If your numbers match any of the Fireball prize winning combinations, you win a prize!

Here’s an example:

Your Daily 3 numbers are: 1-2-4 exact order 

The winning Daily 3 numbers are: 1-2-3 with Fireball 4
Replace any winning number drawn with the Fireball number to make these new combinations:
  • 4-2-3
  • 1-4-3
  • 1-2-4

Ding ding ding! You win a Fireball prize because your Daily 3 numbers (1-2-4 straight) match one of the Fireball prize winning combinations.

Fireball prizes

Fireball prizes are based on your wager type ("exact order" or "any order") and wager amount. You can win a prize in the base Pick 3 or Daily 4 game and win a Fireball prize. You can also win a Fireball prize even if you didn't win a base game prize. Pretty amazing, huh? Check out the Fireball prize charts on the Texas Lottery website.

Are you fired up for Fireball?

Play now in the Jackpocket app! We offer Pick 3 with Fireball and Daily 4 with Fireball for players located in Texas. *Make sure you update the app to the most recent version so you can use this feature. Don't forget to grab your Texas Lottery ticket!

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