Colorado man wins $50K on scratch-off ticket ordered through jackpocket app

“I Still Can’t Believe It.” Jackpocket Player Wins $50K CO Scratch-off

Meet the reigning champ of Jackpocket scratch-off wins!

Now that Jackpocket sends official scratch games directly to you, consider your phone a personal ATM. When Paul ordered Colorado’s $500,000 Win Win Win game in the app, he cashed out with a record-breaking $50K!

“I couldn’t believe it,” he told us, “I told my wife first [and] she didn’t believe me.” Who can blame them? It’s not everyday your mail contains the good kinds of bills.

Tucked between their regular old rocky mountain mail was Paul’s official Colorado Lottery scratch tickets, ready to play and surprise him with $50,000–Jackpocket’s biggest scratch game win so far!

On getting his tickets, Paul said they’re “very easy to order on Jackpocket - only takes a couple of days to arrive.” 

“Most I ever won was $150 once, usually 2 or 3 bucks.” But a win this big puts Paul in a whole new league. 

So what’s Paul planning to do with the fifty grand? Instead of splurging for an epic skiing vacation or maybe 2,500 orders of Rocky Mountain Oysters (research at your own risk), he plans to “put it in the bank and share it with the kids.”

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⚡️ Brand new feature alert! Now you can scratch and win right from your phone with the Jackpocket lottery app for mobile or desktop. See if your state has this Jackpocket feature here. We hope to roll out this feature to more states soon!

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