Dustin Taps $177,000 Jersey Cash 5 Prize on Jackpocket

Dustin Taps $177K Jersey Cash 5 Prize on Jackpocket

Some of that money is going to a new car for his family of four.

Three winning tickets ended up sharing a recent $533,000 Jersey Cash 5 prize in the Garden State. Split three ways, each winning ticket is worth $177,685. 

TWO of the three Jersey Cash 5 grand-prize winners ordered their tickets using Jackpocket. 

Dustin said he grabbed his Quick Pick ticket for the October 2nd drawing as the Powerball jackpot was creeping past $1 billion.

"I'll play the Powerball or the Mega Millions when it's record high just to be a part of society," he explained. "But Cash 5 is my go-to game. I just went on Jackpocket and I spent 20 bucks on some tickets hoping I'd win…and then I did.”

He received a congratulatory 'You Won!' message from Jackpocket that night, but didnt see it before checking the app in the morning. When Dustin found out he won, he almost couldn't believe it.

 "A little confetti thing popped up and I was like, 'Big win. What is that?' I was in shock. I've had dreams where I've won the lotto before, so I was like, 'This can't be real.' It took a while to sink in."

Dustin's plans for his newfound wealth are a blend of practicality and excitement.

"We're going to pay off debt. This came at the perfect time. I haven’t been debt-free since I was 18. I have a truck right now, but it's a small one and we've got two kids and they barely fit in the backseat, so we want to get a big full-size vehicle that everyone can fit in."

How did he react to the news that he would be sharing the big prize with two others?  

"I have to say I'm a little disappointed," he laughed. "The one time I win the lotto, I have to share it."

Jersey Cash 5 is played only in Jersey! With daily drawings and a rolling jackpot, Jersey Cash 5 prizes have even topped $2 million in the past.

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